Convert your drawings into the data array online!

Welcome to where you can convert your bitmap to the data array. This site is a tool which is very helpfull when you want to create an image which will be displayed on your graphic display. You can use it to create fonts, menus, intros etc. It is also very versatile, it allows for creating many different kinds of data arrays like monochromatic or color, vertical or horizontal. It is also capable converting pictures with uncommon resolutions. works online without downloading and installing any progarms.

First choose the resolution of the data array (for example 128x64 as it is very common resolution for the graphic LCD). You can do it using the slides below. Once you chose the number of columns and rows pick one of the different kind of arrays you want to be created and click Create button.

When the canva is created you can draw your own image. Back button brings you back to the front page. Clear all clears the canva and the output data array and Convert to an array creates the array from the image. To load a bitmap which you want to use on your GLCD use browse button. The output is a c code array which you can later use in your embedded applications.

Number of columns:0

Number of rows:0

Monochromatic, 1 pixel per byte array generates an array where each element of the array represents one pixel. It is either on or off.